Welcome to The Ride Studio

The Ride Studio by Keiser is an virtual streaming platform designed for club owners and operators. It is a 24/7 indoor cycling studio solution, providing the best in virtual workouts all day, every day.

The Ride Studio includes a variety of instructor-led classes including HIIT-designed Ride Rush, beat-based Ride Rhythm, metric-focused Ride Race and goal-based Ride Series.

To make program planning easy, simply use the club designed scheduler to organize and pre-set workouts daily, weekly or even monthly.

Cycling studios will no longer sit idle. With a simple push of a button, The Ride Studio is open for business and ready to go. Your Bike. Your Way. The Ride Studio.

Benefits of The Ride Studio

  • All classes are designed and taught by Keiser’s world-renowned instructing team. Your members will have a top-notch indoor cycling experience, just like they would with an in-person instructor.
  • Today’s hybrid fitness model includes both live and virtual classes. With that in mind, program directors can create schedules with the cycling classes they want, when they want them.
  • Can’t find a sub? No problem. The Ride Studio by Keiser is a quick-fix, quality solution. Just choose a pre-set workout and hit play.
  • Get started with a catalog of rides and receive new workouts every month to keep your content fresh and exciting.
  • The Ride by Studio is easy to get started, simple to use, effective and cost-efficient.

The Ride Studio Workouts

At The Ride Studio by Keiser, we recognize that members have different indoor cycling likes and needs. We have designed 3-signature styles of workouts, Ride Rhythm, Ride Race and Ride Rush. Workout intensities range from all-levels (beginners to advanced) to challenging and hard. The workout profile, suggested cadence, interval timer, class duration, and color-coded intensity zones are displayed on the screen for an interactive experience. Rides are 30-, 45- or 60-minutes long. Classes are also available in different languages. Your members will enjoy The Ride’s motivating, effective, and inspiring workouts.

Ride Race

Ride Race is a signature ride that builds power and strength with a focus on training in the correct intensity zones. With rides from 45 to 60 minutes, this workout is ideal for the cycling enthusiast who enjoys a ride challenge. Race longer, climb higher and get stronger in our be-powerful Ride Race workout.

Ride Rush

Ride Rush is a signature 30-minute ride that is both challenging and inspiring. Rush classes are HIIT (high intensity interval training) focused. Studio riders experience the rush of an empowering class, and the well-documented post-workout benefits of interval training. Get more done in less time with Ride Rush.

Ride Rhythm

Ride Rhythm is a signature ride that is perfect for the rider who loves to connect with the beat of the music. Motivation takes the lead as riders lift, move and groove to the beat of the drum and the pace of the ride. Be inspired in this 45- minute rhythm-ride and enjoy the journey from beginning to end in Ride Rhythm.

Ride Ready

Whether an instructor is new, hasn’t taught a particular ride format or just doesn’t have the time or skill to create workouts, Ride Ready is the perfect solution. After pre-selecting a ride, an instructor simply starts the class and follows the provided instructing prompts linked with the included playlist. Ride Ready is an effective planning tool and allows instructors to focus on what they love to do – connect, inspire and motivate. Launching 06.15.2022.

The Ride Studio Trainers

Our indoor cycling trainers are the best in the industry and will guide and support your members’ journey to achieving their goals.

Club Testimonials

At The Ride Studio by Keiser, we are committed to helping club operators and studio owners create positive member experiences. Here what our followers have to say:

“When we realized we didn’t have enough instructors to teach all of our cycling classes, The Ride Studio helped fill that void. The classes are well-designed and complimented our current programming. It is both a cost and time efficient solution.. ”

Kenzie.Club Manager

“The Ride Studio has helped tremendously. We currently run classes all day long, every day of the week. We simply schedule our workouts one to two weeks in advance, and hit play each morning. The countdown clock let’s our members know when the next workout is about to start.”

Jennifer.Club Manager

“Thank you Keiser! We love your new virtual indoor cycling studio. Our facility is located in a small community and finding instructors has always been a challenge. Now we can offer as many classes a day as we want. ”

Teresa.Club Owner

“We are very happy with The Studio. Workouts are well-designed and are both motivating and fun. Keiser really understands indoor cycling. Plus the set-up was super easy. We were ready to go within hours..”

Pablo.Club Trainer